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Honda NeuV: intelligent self-drive for the city

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D the Honda NeuV Concept naturally relies on a purely electric drive. The compact cube should be able to handle city traffic completely autonomously. Its 'operating system' is self-learning.

Electric and autonomous

The 'New Electric Urban Vehicle', as the cube is called, drives electrically and autonomously. Two motors with 55 kW peak power each drive the rear wheels. Instead of a large battery - the battery stores 20 kWh - Honda relies on inductive charging in the CES study; Up to 6.6 kilowatts can flow into the battery without contact.

Longboard for the last mile

Since the vehicle crew no longer has to worry about driving, there is time to do something else . The Honda NeuV offers complete networking here. In addition, the Honda NeuV should come up with a completely new interface technology between man and machine. The instrument panel consists of a screen, the steering wheel has no spokes and thus covers as little of the display and control surface as possible. The NeuV is constantly networked and an electrically powered longboard is available for the last mile.

Visually, the NeuV offers little new. A cube shape was chosen as the optimal spatial concept, with the wheels on the outside in the corners. The two-seater is extensively glazed at the front, rear and roof. The dimensions are smart: the NeuV is 2.89 meters long and 1.52 meters high with a width of 1.62 meters.


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