Honda mini delivery vans in 3D printing

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H If you don't have one, print one for yourself. Together with the specialists from Kabuku, Honda has developed a mini delivery van for the Japanese market that uses numerous body components from the 3D printer.

Purely electric up to 80 km

The modular one The vehicle concept is based on a tubular space frame and, together with the flexible 3D printing technology, allows for quick adjustments to customer requirements. The 2.50 meter long, 1.28 meter long and 1.55 meter high transporter is powered purely electrically. Its 11 kW motor enables speeds of up to 70 km /h. The range of the 600 kg dwarf is given as 80 km. The charging time should be around 3 hours at the conventional socket. Only one driver's seat is planned, the remaining space is used as cargo space.

The mini delivery van is currently being used by a Japanese confectioner to deliver his baked goods.


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