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Honda Jazz EV in L.A .: small electric cars and plug-in hybrids

Honda Jazz EV Concept in LA
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D But Honda attaches great importance to the statement that future electric cars not only have to be environmentally friendly: 'In our opinion, an electric car must offer a high level of everyday use as well as driving pleasure', announced Honda boss Takanobu Ito

A series version of the Honda Jazz EV Concept, which will celebrate its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show, will be available in the USA and Japan as early as 2012, which is specially tailored to the needs of space daily urban traffic is tailored. As in the Honda Jazz with conventional drive, the Honda Jazz EV can accommodate up to five people. The electric motor comes from the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle, where it has an output of 100 kW. It draws its energy from lithium-ion batteries. The latter can be charged in less than six hours from a 240 volt socket.

The Japanese put the maximum range of the Honda Jazz EV Concept at 112 kilometers. The driver can choose between the three driving programs 'Econ', 'Normal' and 'Sport'. The range in 'Econ' mode should be up to 25 more than in 'Sport' mode. However, anyone who trims the Honda Jazz EV Concept for sport will, according to Honda, be rewarded with a start that is on the level of a two-liter gasoline engine.

Honda Jazz EV Concept gives tips on savings

About this The Honda Jazz EV Concept also helps its pilots save energy by giving them interactive tips on how to drive efficiently via a special display, such as turning off the air conditioning. Even outside the vehicle, the jazz driver can stay in contact with the electric car via smartphone and, for example, find out about the charge status of the batteries or start the charging process. A special navigation system also provides information about electric filling stations in the vicinity.

New plug-in hybrid platform for the middle class

In addition to the Honda Jazz EV Concept, the Japanese car manufacturer will be presenting at Los Angeles Auto Show also features a new mid-range platform with plug-in hybrid technology. This allows both purely electric driving and the combined operation of electric and combustion engines as well as driving in pure gasoline-powered mode.

A 120 kW electric motor in conjunction with Li-ion batteries with a capacity of six kWh will enable purely electric driving up to a range of a maximum of 24 kilometers. The top speed isat 100 km /h.

In addition to the electric motor, the Honda mid-range hybrid platform has a two-liter i-VTEC petrol engine that is linked to a direct shift gearbox. If necessary, this drives the front wheels without the support of the electric motor.

Honda America will start a test program with the new electric and hybrid models together with Stanford University, the Californian city of Torrance and Google this year. The focus here is on the user behavior of test persons in everyday life.


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