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Honda Concept D at the Shanghai Auto Show: SUV outlook for China

Honda Concept D at the Shanghai Auto Show
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D he new Honda D is supposed to be an SUV Top model compete in the Chinese market. Its development is currently in full swing. As a foretaste, the Japanese put the Concept D into the limelight as a study at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Large cooling air ducts dominate the Honda Concept D design

The front of the Honda Concept D works with its large cooling air shafts strongly fissured. The LED headlights are connected by a light strip running through the entire front. Strongly exhibited wheel arches accommodate large light alloy rims. A, B and C pillars are darkened, giving the impression of a ribbon of windows all around. At the rear, the Honda Concept D takes up the large cooling air ducts at the front. The light strip element is also found as a connecting link between the C-shaped rear lights.

The roof of the Concept D slopes down continuously from the A-pillar and ends with a flat rear window directly at the rear lights. A large roof spoiler towers over the long tailgate. The large panoramic glass roof merges directly into the rear window.

The Japanese do not make any statements on the subject of propulsion, and the interior concept remains in the dark.


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