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Honda Clarity Electric and plug-in hybrid: data, information, prices, market launch

Honda Clarity Electric and plug-in hybrid
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H onda will be relying heavily on alternative drives in the future and wants to throw numerous new models on the market. The two versions of the Honda Clarity presented at the New York Auto Show now form the start of the eco-initiative. Until now the Clarity was only available with a fuel cell drive, now the drive portfolio is being expanded to include a battery-electric version in the Clarity Electric and a plug-in hybrid in the Clarity plug-in hybrid. In the next four years, Honda wants to sell around 75,000 copies of all versions on the US market.

Externally, the three versions are only supposed to have special paint colors, subtly different headlights and taillights as well as 18-inch designs -Differentiate between light alloy rims.

Both models will start in 2017

The Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, which will be launched on the US market in the 2018 model year, combines a 1.5-liter Four-cylinder petrol engine that works according to the Atkinson principle with a 181 hp and 315 Nm electric motor. The combustion engine can drive the front wheels directly or, as a generator, feed the 17 kWh battery. The purely electric range should be around 68 km. The total range is given as around 532 km. The battery can also be charged from a socket (240V) in 2.5 hours. The hybrid version of the Clarity is available in two equipment versions.

The Clarity Electric is driven by a 120 kW and 300 Nm electric motor. It sucks its energy from a 25.5 kWh battery pack. Honda puts the charging time on a 240V power source at three hours. 80% of the capacity should be possible in 30 minutes with fast charging. Honda does not yet indicate a range. The Clarity Electric starts as part of leasing offers in the US states of California and Oregon in the fall.


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