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Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck Concept 2018

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck Concept
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G first of all: no matter how cool the Civic as Pickup is too - it is purely a show car and will never go into series production. The Synchro Motorsport team commissioned by Honda used a pre-series Type R as a basis. Where the rear seats and trunk used to be, there is now a level loading bed. The rear doors were welded shut, the cargo space and the rear wall of the cabin were lined with corrugated sheet metal. The former tailgate was cut, but in such a way that the mighty rear spoiler was retained. It can be folded away using an ingenious mechanism, allowing access to the loading bed. A bracket system stabilizes the rear and takes on additional roof lights.

Between the Nordschleife record and gardening

The drive train of the Honda Civic Type R remained completely untouched, so the Civic Pickup should have the same performance as the Deliver series variant. At Honda Great Britain, however, they are considering competing at the Nürburgring with the Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck Concept in order to set the track record for front-wheel drive pickups.

What is certain is that the Honda CivicType R Pickup Truck Concept will push service in factory traffic in Swindon. Here it should mainly be available to gardeners.


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