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Honda Civic Type R 2017: data prices market launch

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H onda has high hopes for its new Civic and crowns the compact model -Range therefore already now with the sporty top model Type R. The Japanese power car pushes through the air with significantly improved aerodynamics, according to the manufacturer. The aerodynamic changes are most likely to be noticed at the edge of the roof at the rear: There, four fin-like turbulators ensure that the air does not flow away from the vehicle along the edge of the roof, but instead pulls it along the rear window and optimally flows towards the gigantic rear spoiler. For those who want to shine at the regulars' table: The turbulators, also known as vortex generators, change a laminar to a turbulent boundary layer, which results in a delay in the stall. That is why the upper sides of the wings of some aircraft are provided with vortex generators - and that is why it looks incredibly cool on the Civic Type R roof.

The gigantic rear spoiler is part of the standard scope, as it is for the downforce on the Heck is needed. In addition, the underbody was smoothed - all aerodynamic measures should lead to better stability at higher speeds - and higher speeds are traditionally part of the Civic Type R field of competence.

Gregor Hebermehl
The new Honda Civic Type R is built in Swindon, England, and is also exported to Japan.

Sporty and comfortable inside

Into the racer: The seats fit the driver and front passenger tightly, the holding force of the side bolsters is just right, so it doesn't get on your nerves even after long periods of sitting. According to Honda, the driver in the Type R sits 50 millimeters lower than in the production Civic - but the seating position is still not that deep. Still, the shift knob hopesAccess at exactly the right height. There is no longer a handbrake knob - the mechanical handbrake had to give way to an electric one. Great seats, hard center console: Depending on the seat setting and driver size, the center console presses hard against the driver's right knee. The headroom is also great for tall occupants, after all, the Type R was developed with the European and American markets in mind. The steering wheel feels rough and really good. The production number in the center console, “00000” on the show model, creates a bit of exclusivity, although the Type R is not limited in terms of numbers. A dark compartment opens in front of the gearshift lever, in which suitable smartphones can be inductively charged. There is something handy to report from the footwell: The stainless steel pedals, which are studded with rubber studs, step perfectly. Looking back is fun because the rear spoiler cannot be seen from the inside. There is endless space on a comfortable couch in the rear.

Gregor Hebermehl
The smaller middle tailpipe ensures that the exhaust system sound is a little quieter at higher speeds and a little louder at low speeds .

Wide range of driving modes

Honda also has the chassis of the new Civic Type R compared to the chassis of the predecessor improved. On the one hand, the body has become 38 percent more torsionally stiff, and on the other hand, the engineers have revised the MacPherson strut suspension on the front axle in order to reduce the disturbing forces on the steering that are typical of a front-wheel drive vehicle. For the sake of sporty handling, the body sank by 20 millimeters towards the asphalt and the multi-link rear axle is reinforced with highly rigid wishbones. An adaptive damper system is standard on board. This is just as influenced by the Comfort, Sport and + R driving modes as the servo assistance, the gear change characteristics and the engine response. The “Comfort” setting is new and is intended to convince doubters primarily on the American market, where the Civic Type R is available for the first time. TheThe weight of the new Type R has moved a little towards the rear: While the predecessor was still at a ratio of 65:35 between the front and the rear, the distribution is now 62:38. The Civic Type R's feet are about an inch to, with which it is now on the move on at least 20-inchers.

Now with 320 PS from 36,050 euros

A 2.0-liter turbo with 320 PS and a maximum torque of 400 Newton meters is the powerful heart of the new Civic Type R. This means that the Civic should spurt from zero to 100 km /h in 5.7 seconds. The maximum speed is given as 272 km /h. But Honda wants to shine again on the Nordschleife with the new one - the predecessor managed the most demanding racetrack in the world in 7: 50.63 minutes. Cooling air also flows to the right and left into the engine compartment via the front hood scoop via a pipe that sits transversely under the hood. The exhaust system of the Type R is striking: three tailpipes look out from the center of the rear of the car, with the middle of the three pipes being significantly smaller in diameter than its two siblings. This small, middle pipe has a very special function: It ensures that the exhaust system noise level is reduced at high speeds and increased at low speeds.

In the new Civic Type R, a manual six-speed gearshift is always used. Honda engineers may think about a dual clutch transmission in the future - but nothing is decided yet. The only thing that is clear: The Civic Type R will remain a front-wheel drive for a long time - the Japanese do not want to abandon this philosophy.

Honda /Richard Pardon
' The interior fits in well with the sporty ambitions of the big one On the other hand, the Type R, with its angular shape and its fat standard rear spoiler, goes to work in an undisguised brutal manner, 'says editor Gregor Hebermehl about the sportiest Honda Civic.

The new compact sports car from Honda is available at prices from 36,050 euros. Inthe GT equipment variant, which also comes up with a blind spot assistant, a parking lot assistant and a connectivity package, starts the price list at 38,950 euros.


Honda seems like its new Civic type R to be convinced - after all, the Japanese can hardly wait to chase their new car over the Nordschleife. So in terms of driving dynamics, we expect great deeds from the new Type R. The interior fits in well with the sporty ambitions of the large compact and, with its generous amount of space, makes the car a family vehicle suitable for everyday use. Visually, the Type R with its angular shape and its fat standard rear spoiler, on the other hand, is undisguisedly brutal. Deliveries of the new Honda Civic Type R will begin in the USA in June, in Japan in late summer and in Germany at the end of September.


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