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Honda Civic Concepts in Detroit: Preview of Coupe and Sedan

Honda Civic Concepts in Detroit
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I n autumn 2011 the changing of the guard will be in the USA for the Coupé and notchback versions of the Honda Civic. So that customers already get an appetite for the next generation of models, the Japanese are showing two studies at the Detroit Motor Show with the Honda Civic Si Concept and the Civic Sedan Concept.

Coupé only for the USA

The Honda Civic Coupé will continue to be reserved exclusively for the US market, the sedan will also be offered in this new form on some European markets. With the Honda Civic compact model manufactured in Great Britain for Europe, however, both models have no technical similarities.

Both US models have a wedge-shaped basic shape with the windshield shifted far forward. Pronounced beads in the flanks underline the dynamism of the design. Only the different roof line and the slightly differently modeled rear end distinguish the two Honda Civic versions. The Honda Civic Coupé underlines its extremely sporty character with a rear diffuser with a centrally integrated sports exhaust in triangular shape. 19 inch wheels round off the appearance of the Civic models.

Hybrid and gas drives are also available

On the drive side, the new Honda Civic generation will be available with high-performance petrol, a CNG gas variant and a hybrid drive. The standard equipment of all models includes ESP. Prices for the new model generation of the Honda Civic were not mentioned.


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