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Honda Civic Concept at the New York Auto Show: tightened view of number 10

Honda Civic Concept at the New York Auto Show
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D he Honda Civic is on the US -Market very popular, especially in the sedan and coupé body versions. The hatchback version popular in Europe was withdrawn from the market in 2006, but is to be offered again in the USA with the next generation. In order to stimulate the salivation of the customers, interested parties can already sniff the new Civic at the New York Auto Show.

Honda Civic with changed proportions

The show car naturally enters the in coupe shape popular in the USA. The two-door model is also an eye-catcher thanks to the bright green paint. The new Honda Civic is expected to increase its wheelbase and track width, but decrease its overhangs. The promise is even more driving dynamics and more space in the interior.


The coupé shown wins above all through the new proportions - it looks longer and even flatter. The LED headlights, the enlarged radiator grille and the generously dimensioned air inlets in the front apron should also make a lasting impression. The new Civic also wants to use resources more sustainably - in other words, it will be more economical. The new 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine should contribute to this, but also the new six-speed gearbox and the new CVT transmission. But there is also screwing at the upper end of the performance scale. The hot Civic Typer R will also come to the USA as a hatchback model. A lane departure warning system, a collision warning system, a rearview camera, an adaptive cruise control and a lane departure warning system will be available.

Coupé and sedan are developed and built by Honda USA. The hatchback version is being produced again in Japan and Europe.


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