Honda Civic at the L.A. Auto Show

Honda Civic at the LA Auto Show
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M ith the sedan, Honda presents the first body version of the new Generation before. A coupé, a hatchback version and a Type-R, which will also be offered in the USA for the first time, are to follow. In the new model generation, the civic sedan has become longer, wider and flatter, which leads to a sportier cut. Thanks to a larger wheelbase, the space in the interior should nevertheless have increased. The Japanese has also increased the trunk volume.

The rear and daytime running lights with LED technology are also new. This is optionally available for the main headlights. Progress also with the engines. For the first time, the US model can be equipped with a turbo engine. The 1.5-liter four-cylinder known from various other Honda models is combined with a CVT transmission. Alternatively, the Civic relies on a two-liter four-cylinder suction gasoline engine, which can be coupled with a manual six-speed gearbox or a CVT gearbox again. A new one-liter turbo gasoline engine is also to be used.

The interior of the US Civic shows a redesigned dashboard that is significantly more conventional than the version offered in European models. The new infotainment system relies on a touchscreen and smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Google Auto Android. In addition, there are more valuable surfaces and multiple electrically adjustable seats. The assistance systems have also been upgraded. Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control with follow-up function and an emergency brake assistant are new on offer.

The new Civic is expected to go on sale in the US this fall. Prices were not mentioned. The hatchback version of the 10th generation of the Civic, which will then also be offered in a modified form in Europe again from 2017.


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