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Holden Efijy: In the rearview mirror - The Holden Hot-Rod

Photo: Holden
Holden Efijy - Wrong Fuffziger
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With the Efijy, Holden chief designer Richard Ferlazzo is fulfilling a long-cherished dream, which he is in a breathtaking 5.20 meters long sheet metal cladding perched on an extended Corvette platform. The front of the concept car literally sucks the viewer through the chrome-plated radiator mouth to the six-liter V8, which a grafted-on compressor helps to generate a full 653 hp and 775 Nm of torque. A bonnet towers above it, which also deserves this name. Its lateral extensions lead into erotically curved fenders that reach just above the road surface and far behind the A-pillar.

The teardrop-shaped fenders, which together with the tapered luggage compartment make for a crisp bottom, also ensure a crisp bottom ensure erogenous conclusion. The two-door passenger compartment is spanned by an extremely narrow roof that only leaves space for narrow viewing slits all around. The Hot Rod appearance is perfected by aluminum disc wheels turned from solid in the dimensions 9x20 inches at the front and 10x22 inches at the rear with tires of size 255/35 at the front and 285/30 at the rear. The third brake light in the solid aluminum bracket, the fan-cooled LED headlights, the classic Holden emblem in a chrome look on the hood and the vertically two-part windshield set additional accents.

P he compressed air adjustable struts ensure that the Efijy only hugs the asphalt by 27 millimeters if desired, 381 millimeter brake discs all around ensure sufficient deceleration work and the soprano purple finish rounds off the appearance of the retro Cruisers off.

The 50s live inside the Holden Efijy

The designers are also focusing on retro when it comes to the interior design. Up to four passengers can indulge in the nostalgia of the 50s on individual leather armchairs. An LCD touchscreen that can be folded out of the dashboard and is used to operate all functions brings the charm of classic tube TV sets into the cockpit. On old trimmed screen displays perfect the historical overall impression. Curved lines on the two-tone dashboard, the upper part is painted in the same color as the car, light leather dominates below, lots of chrome and an equally classic round instrument as a replacement for the speedometer make the virtual leap in time tangible.

Modern times represent on the other handthe start button next to the steering wheel and the selection buttons of the four-speed automatic transmission on the center tunnel. But even these do not tear the Efijy viewer out of his dreams. And the Efijy will probably remain a dream, because the exhibit is declared as a pure show car and will probably never find its way onto modern roads.


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