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Hip-hop ranking: Mercedes is the car babo

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D a the world market leader VW is even coming not suggest, Honda beats Porsche in terms of street credibility and anyone who thinks Cadillac or Lamborghini are way ahead has seen too many hip-hop videos.

Maybach and girls that end in -ina

Right at the front, there is: Mercedes, or in variations 'Benz', 'Benzo', 'Benzy' or 'Merc' and in rhyme with 'Swayze', 'saved me' or 'ladies'. The brand has been raped 1,179 times in the past 40 years alone, mostly in connection with the CL, G-Class, E-Class and S-Class. There are also 445 mentions from Mercedes-AMG. It goes without saying that the A45 is not in the lead here, but rather the S and G Class. And as if the people from Stuttgart weren't enough “original gangsters”, Maybach also appears in 374 rhymes. Doing it together: 1,998 incidents, yoh.

If you hear rhymes with maiden names ending in '-ina', the '' Beemer 'or the' Bimmer ', i.e. the BMW, shouldn't be far. After all, the Munich-based company made it to second place with 1,162 mentions in song lyrics, with the 7er being very popular with rappers.

'Your choice, her choice, f *** bois'

If the singer sings something about 'Sorry' or 'Party', the 'Rari' or Ferrari is not far, it says 'Your choice, her choice, f *** bois' the 'Rolls-Royce' is sure to come. before and what rhymes with 'bikini'? Well, 'Lamborghini'! And there we are again with the videos, with golden super athletes and half-naked girls.


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