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High Performance Days 2018: A festival for all car fans

High Performance Days 2018
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The summit meeting of well-known tuners takes place every year at the end of May, beginning of June at the Hockenheimring and is an absolute fan magnet. This is also the case this year, when the 25th edition of the sport auto Tuner GP saw tough duels between around 30 lateral dynamics experts from the scene. Between 200 PS (BMW 323 Ti from Weichei Racing Tools) and 799 PS (Chevrolet C7 Z06 Lucifer from TIKT Performance) every power level is included. Above all, however, the chance to experience the pits and the paddock up close is usually not given at the Hockenheimring. L here you can see the results of the Tuner GP .

Quer, Quer, Drift-Challenge 2018

Achim Hartmann
Everyone was allowed here sweep along. There was a lot to see at the HPD 2018.

At the High Performance Days 2018 at the Hockenheimring, it goes from morning to evening, but also across the Thing. At up to 200 kilometers per hour, the participants thundered towards the first right-hand bend this weekend. What happens then is like a controlled crash. Because instead of steering normally to the right, the gas is briefly lifted and simultaneously steered to the left for a millisecond. Fortunately, the next step showed that there are no Kamikaze pilots in driving drift monsters with up to 750 hp. Because instead of flying into the left limit, you steer briefly to the right and the vehicle of the brand BMW, Nissan Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes or Toyota begins with the long drift towards the Mercedes-Arena and thus precisely in the direction of the celebrating spectators. You can find the results of the Drift Challenge .

The 1/8 mile created a great atmosphere

Achim Hartmann
With two Kreidler mopeds on the 1 /8 mile. What a party!

When everyday life starts again for most of the visitors to the High Performance Days 2018, many will be feeding off what experienced them on these three days at the Hockenheimring. And that doesn't just mean the delicious schnitzel from VIP-Catering Schnitzel Alm. Because where else is there the chance to send your own vehicle to 1/8 mile? With timekeeping and an all-round security package such as marshals, ambulance and everything else that goes with it - and all of it legally! So it is not surprising that not only the PS monsters like Corvette, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or Audi took to the starting line. In addition to a French with 60 hp, two Kreidler mopeds from the 1970s with just under two hp fought a thrilling race. And that wasn't so stupid at all. Because for the fee of ten euros, they definitely had most of the tarmac time that weekend. So everything was done right from a marketing point of view.

A real celebration for fans and employees.

Achim Hartmann
The final race of the Tuner GP was one of the highlights of the High Performance Days 2018.

Whether a fan who has traveled from far away, a marshal or a participant, the HPD 2018 took care of everyoneLot of good humor. From “Saugeil” to “The smell here is just awesome. Smells a bit like robbers - and that's a good thing ”to“ We are here every year and are already looking forward to the next time ”, the opinions were always positive. All the more so when the organizer halved the 1/8 mile price from 20 to ten euros. In addition to the large stands of the participating tuners, automakers such as Jaguar and Chevrolet also showed their latest sports cars. On the exhibition area of ​​the refined tuning vehicles of the audience themselves, pieces of jewelery polished to the last corner could be marveled at - and heard. Above all, however, it is thanks to the marshals, or marshals, that this automobile festival went off safely and without incident. Until next time!

Here you will find all information and results for the High Performance Days 2018.


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