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High gasoline prices: Long detours are not worth it

High gasoline prices
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auto motor und sport has calculated how high the price difference has to be for the The detour to the cheaper gas station is definitely worth it. Result: With a difference of four cents per liter and a tank volume of 30 liters, the price advantage is already used up after eleven kilometers, if the car needs an average of seven liters per 100 kilometers. So if you really want to save, you have to find a gas station around the corner.

Cheap petrol station must be on the way

If the price difference is only two cents, it is worth it the difference is hardly any longer. If you fill your empty 50 liter tank, you can afford just nine kilometers of detour with seven liters of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers - otherwise you have to pay for it.

Anyone looking for bargains in city traffic must pay attention to particularly lucrative prices in view of the increased consumption. With a consumption of nine liters per 100 kilometers, for example, with a filling volume of 20 liters in city traffic, there are just a good five kilometers of detour if the price difference reaches four cents. With a capacity of 50 liters, there are just 14 kilometers of detour. But if you take advantage of this route, the price advantage is gone. Conclusion: Even with the current prices, the price comparison is only worthwhile if the cheap petrol stations are on the way.


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