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“Heroes” edition from auto motor und sport in stores from December 3rd

'Heroes' edition of auto motor und sport
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' Nobody played the hero as cool and yet touching as Steve McQueen, 'begins the story about the man, who was crazy about car and motorcycle races and made the best racing film of all time with “Le Mans”.

Certainly: McQueen would have given an Oscar for it (although he never won one), the legendary Blitzen-Benz to control - over 100 years ago a monster on wheels and the fastest driving machine that existed. At that time, no aircraft made the 228.1 km /h of the record-breaking car. Hans-Jörg Götzl drove the mighty, noisy Benz for this issue. After that he was deaf.

With the tractor to the South Pole, with Vespas through the USA

Quite quiet, reports Clemens Hirschfeld, it was often also with Manon Ossevoort. She drove to the South Pole and decided on the slowest means of transport that could come to mind: a tractor. Compared to that, Dani Heyne and his buddies basically chose the high-speed mode. They were on the road with three Vespas in the USA, Iceland and Great Britain - and off the road, while Jens Dralle investigated the question “Am I suitable for a hero?” During the medical check-up The heroes in this edition are the boys and girls of the oldest soapbox race in the world. Formula 1 specialist Michael Schmidt pays homage to the saddest hero. 13 racing drivers who - with their eyes on victory - retired on the last lap.

These many new items are seasoned with a few favorites from the auto motor und sport past. Two examples: Karl Lagerfeld in an interview about cars and Fritz B. Busch, who is pulling a caravan across the Alps in a low-powered Citroën 2CV.

The “Heroes” edition will be available at the kiosk from December 3rd and costs 9.90 euros.

Or order online at shop.motorpresse.de


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