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Hartmann SP5 Conference: Executive office on wheels

Hartmann SP5 Conference
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D he 190 PS strong Mercedes Sprinter gets an upgrade from the tuner Hartmann Transporter to the mobile conference room. The majority of the interior space is taken up by two individual seats that can be moved on rails. There are also driver and front passenger seats, which can be rotated and also moved on the rails. All four individual seats are covered with red nappa leather and the side panels and the headliner are also lined with leather. The lift-turntable is fixed on the rails embedded in the floor and can be moved lengthways.

Hartmann SP5 Conference with coffee bar and LED headliner

In the rear part of the Hartmann SP5 Conference there are two roller shutter cabinets, a catering cabinet, an integrated compressor cool box and a coffee bar are built in. For the furniture, non-warping boat plywood was covered on both sides with Makassa veneer. Two twelve-volt connections and one external 220-volt connection ensure that additional electronic devices can be operated. Instead of the usual office neon tubes, the roof of the Hartmann SP5 Conference is equipped with warm light LEDs; further lighting elements are attached under the worktop in the rear of the Sprinter.

Hartmann also used veneered boat plywood, leather and Alcantara for the driver's cab. A Pioneer control center takes care of the navigation, Bluetooth function, DVD and CD changes as well as sound including deep bass. And so that there is no annoying reverberation from the sprinter, the footwell is also covered with dark red wool velor. No disturbing noises should penetrate from the outside either - this is ensured by the full insulation of the roof, floor and side walls.

Hartmann aerodynamics for the Mercedes Sprinter -Kit

The rolling noble office should not give the impression of a simple van from the outside, which is why Hartmann missed the SP5 Conference an aerodynamic kit that includes a front spoiler apron, side skirts and rear apron. Aluminum wheels with 265/40 R 20 tires rotate in the wheel arches.

The Mercedes Sprinter upgrade to the classy Hartmann SP5 Conference room is available with this equipment at a complete price from 118,940 euros.


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