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Harley-Davidson Fat Boy in the driving report

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (2018) in the driving report
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Who doesn’t really care about Harley-Davidson busy, in view of the completely newly developed 2018 Softail family, consisting of eight (or maybe nine?) models, the question quickly arises: What have they been doing in Milwaukee all the time? Everything looks like it always does! And would be as right as he would be wrong. On the one hand, a Harley, regardless of which model series and which year of manufacture, can be recognized as such by laypeople from afar. And on the other hand, the Americans have mastered it like no other brand, their huge construction kit of wheels, forks, tanks, handlebars, benches, instruments, panels, exhausts, apart from colors, always put together in new combinations. And to market them under new or well-known names. Whereby confusion cannot always be avoided.

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Dyna models no longer in the program

The backbone of ALL new Softail models in the truest sense of the word is the newly developed frame with a hidden central rear shock absorber . It also replaces the Dyna models recognizable by the stereo struts. The steel structure is up to eight kilograms lighter, significantly more torsion-resistant and much easier to manufacture than the two previous frames.

This side view gives the true sizes, i.e. widths of the the character determining 160s or. 240 tires not really again.

Fired is the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy as well as the other new Softails by default from the Milwaukee-Eight large-piston engine known since model year 2017 with 107 cubic inches (CU), corresponding to 1,745 centimeters to the power of three. If that's not enough, the Fat Boy (1,500 euros), Fat Bob (1,300 euros), Breakout (1,400 euros) and Heritage Classic (1,400 euros) models can also be ordered with 114 CU, corresponding to 1,868 cm³, for the specified fee. These are achieved through more bore (102 instead of 100 mm) and more stroke (114.3 instead of 111.1 mm) and generate 94 hp and 155 Nm instead of 87 and 145.

Tire dimension not ideal

You know the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy best from the film' Judgment Day ', better known in this country as' Terminator 2 'from 1991. She was moved extremely enthusiastically by the human machine T-1000, embodied by the future governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While he or his stunt double only had to maneuver 49 horses, 84 Nm and tires of the comparatively narrow MT 90 S 16 format through straight water channels in 1991, today around twice as much power has to be tamed. So far this is no problem if the fat child weren't standing on tires measuring 160 /60-18 in the front and 240 /40-18 in the back. What is cool in front of the ice cream parlor and doesn't matter in the Lüneburg Heath, optionally in Texas, grows into a real job creation program in the mountains.

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All eight models of the new Softail series.

The Harley-Davidson masters inclines in the single-digit range Fat Boy is still willing, she asks for energetic pressure on itsweeping handlebars. If there are bumps in bends, the need to brake, or both at the same time, every quick cornering is a challenge. Even the experienced driver is amazed at the lines discovered by the vehicle. Fat boy and curves don't really go together. With the other Softails it does.

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