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Hamann Victory II: Lamborghini Gallardo reinterpreted

Hamann Victory II
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U To achieve this goal, Hamann the Gallardo has a first of all missed a few gull-wing doors, which the tuner said the tuner would have wished for on the production model. Otherwise Hamann follows the motto: more width, more power, more carbon.

The latter is installed in a variety of ways, including the modified front apron. New front fenders and widened side skirts give the Hamman Gallardo a more powerful appearance, and there is also an air scoop on the roof, which can also be made in carbon if desired. The tuner upgrades the rear with a modified diffuser and a newly designed rear wing. This can also be made of fiberglass or carbon. And so that the request is not over yet, there is also the option of coating the bonnet with carbon.

20-inch light alloy wheels with a special paint finish maintain contact with the road. 235/30 tires are used at the front, while the rear is fitted with 325/25 tires. With such an optically upgraded look, something has to be done under the hood of the super sports car. Here Hamann has given the Victory II some motor control Viagra. The Gallardo 560-4 has an output of 580 hp and a maximum torque of 575 Nm. The maximum speed should be 328 km /h.

So that the occupants are also aware of the potency of the Hamann Victory II, a new rear silencer was installed as a mouthpiece for the V10. Hamann has also upgraded the interior with a 14-piece carbon fiber interior set. This includes the trim, steering wheel and door opener. Hamann sports seats with a carbon back shell round off the tuning. Floor mats and full leather fittings are also possible on request.


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