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Hamann BMW Z4: Hamann tuning program for the BMW Z4

Hamann BMW Z4 - Tuning for the Roadster
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D as a plus of 54 hp compared to the Series model results from an optimization of the engine management of the in-line six-cylinder. At the same time, Hamann lifts the 250 km /h limit of the roadster and allows the 360 ​​horses to run freely: The speedometer needle should only stall at a speed of 285.

Up to 540 Nm in Hamann-BMW Z4

The maximum output is 5,230 crankshaft revolutions, the maximum torque increases from 400 to 540 Newton meters. There are between 1,300 and 5,000 tours available. The BMW Z4 can also optically display the increased motor power. The Hamann aerodynamics package, consisting of a new front apron, side skirts, rear spoiler and an equally redesigned rear apron. The latter should reduce the lift on the rear axle of the roadster. The four-pipe sports exhaust system ensures a stronger sound. Shorter suspension springs lower the center of gravity of the BMW Z4 by 30 millimeters.

The tuning program for the BMW Z4 is rounded off by the 20-inch, matt black forged wheels 'Edition Race'. They are covered with 235/30 tires on the front axle, while 295 tires fill the wheel arches at the rear. The prices for the Hamann complete wheel set start at 7,640 euros.

Hamann can also give the interior of the BMW Z4 an individual touch upon request. In addition to an aluminum gear knob and special floor mats, the tuner enhances the entire interior with a handmade leather interior


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