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Halo Intersceptor: Car, jet, helicopter and boat in one

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Halo Intersceptor
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Because the Halo Intersceptor is a car, jet, yacht and helicopter in one. The all-purpose weapon was designed for busy and wealthy multimillionaires by the British designer P help Pauley . The father of the Halo Intersceptor promises that his all-purpose weapon represents the future of travel.

Halo Intersceptor speeds over land at up to 501 km /h

The basis is the Intersceptor, a 4.35 meter long, 2.10 meter wide and 1.20 meter high Super sports car that is supposed to drive the assembled competition like a Bugatti Veyron or SSC Ultimate into the ground. From a standstill, the speed should be 100 km /h after just 2.3 seconds, Pauley put the top speed at 501 km /h. The designer of the Halo Intersceptor, which will remain just a virtual study for the time being, owes more details about the drive. Just this much: the range should be 1,127 kilometers. With the help of various add-on parts, the Intersceptor can be transformed into a jet (Halo 120 °), a helicopter (Halo 46 °) or a racing yacht (Halo 22 °).

With the Halo 120 ° it goes in die Luft

As a jet, the Halo 120 ° brings it to a length of 9.5 meters and a wingspan of 14.5 meters. Ready for take-off, the aircraft should weigh 21.4 tonnes. Two turbines, each of which develops a thrust of 79.6 kN, are supposed to take the bird into the air. With an afterburner even 112 kN are available. Then the Halo Intersceptor should thunder through the atmosphere at up to Mach 2 at a cruising altitude of up to 20,000 meters.

Halo helicopter reaches 343 km /h

The stands for shorter flight distances Transformation to the Halo 46 ° helicopter. There is space for two pilots and two passengers in the 10.10 meter long and 2.70 meter high helicopter. With up to 185 knots (343 km /h) you can hurry from one business meeting to the next. The cruising altitude here is up to 4,600 meters.

Halo Intersceptor mutates into a yacht

Once you have landed on the ground again, you can go on to the water if you wish, when the Halo breaks down 46 ° transformed into the Halo 22 °. The 11.15 meter long racing yacht plows at up to 63 knots (117 km /h) over the waves of the world's oceans. The range should be - be careful, schnapps number - 2,222 kilometers. Whether the Halo Intersceptor will actually one day become a realityor it will turn out to be a crazy idea, is still in the stars.

Phil Pauley at any rate wants Pauley Interactive Car manufacturers enthusiastic about the Halo Intersceptor project and sees good opportunities for the Halo in times of impending traffic collapse on the roads. Pauley is also certain that the design of future sports cars will be based on the Intersceptor.


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