Halloween Cars: When cars have grimaces

Halloween Cars
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I The makers of Carwow have inspired numerous well-known horror films. Jason Voorhees starts with 'Friday the 13th'. The enormously strong, machete-wielding villain covers his disfigured face with an ice hockey mask. Similarly, an Abarth 595 was provided with a machete in the roof and an ice hockey mask front apron. There is also an effect paint in blood splatter red.

Honey, Hannibal is parked outside

Or how about a Jeep Wrangler with a muzzle in Hannibal Lecter style. The Ariel in the style of Freddy Krueger is also terrifyingly successful. You can also startle your neighbors with a Mercedes G Frankenstein. Or you let go of the Alfa 4C with a scream face on you.

The horror is also part of the Citro├źn C4 Cactus - Pinhead, who seems to have come straight from the film 'Hellraiser'. Are you more into classics? Then the Mazda MX-5 with Dracula teeth in the radiator grille is just the thing.

You can see what other horrible things the boys and girls at Carwow have come up with in the photo show.


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