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Hacker cracks OnStar: GM is working on security solution

Hacker cracks OnStar
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W he 'Automobile Production' reports, it is the safety researcher Samy Kamkar succeeded in intercepting the communication between the RemoteLink app and General Motors' Onstar servers.

GM is working on an improved OnStar app

With its 'OwnStar' gadget, Kamkar Find the position of a vehicle, unlock its doors and even start the engine. To do this, he only had to be near a vehicle owner once while he was starting his mobile app. Kamkar also had access to all OnStar functions. The researcher wants to announce further information at the DefCon security conference in August.

GM has been informed of the problem, reports the automobile production. They are already working flat out on an improved version of the app. In Germany, OnStar is on offer at GM subsidiary Opel and is a core component of current marketing. It is not known whether the German version of the smartphone app is also susceptible.

The Uconnect system from Fiat-Chrysler was only recently approved by security experts hacked and a Jeep Cherokee remote-controlled.

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