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H & amp; R VW 411 at Techno Classica: Coati with 480 hp

H&R VW 411 at Techno Classica
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A The Techno stand awaits visitors to the H&R stand Classica in Essen a very special automobile. The chassis specialists have refined a VW 411 in cooperation with TH Automobile from Berlin. The coati called classic was not only extensively restored, but also extensively refined.

Coati with 480 HP and all-wheel drive

The Type 4 model from 1973 was crossed by TH Automobile with a Porsche 997 Turbo. The entire drive train of the 911 was moved into the modified coati chassis. The turbo boxer moved together with the all-wheel drive and a double wishbone axle at the front and a multi-link axle at the rear into a subframe, which was married to the adapted VW chassis. The chassis was of course tuned by H&R. Except for the contemporary Fuchs rims in 18-inch format with 225 tires at the front and 235 tires on the rear axle, the coati remained a classic inside and out.

But if you look into the engine compartment, it quickly becomes clear - this is no ordinary coati. Instead of the standard 1.7 liter boxer engine with 85 hp, there is now a water-cooled 480 hp turbo unit with six-speed manual transmission. The braking system and power steering also come from the Porsche. And because everything fits together so well, the coati even received the blessing of the TÜV as well as street approval.


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