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GTI meeting Wörthersee: The bomb in white

GTI meeting Wörthersee
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Even when the majority of GTI fans are still in the convalescence phase from the previous evening, a few hundred are already strolling around the new VW - Exhibition stand at the entrance to the GTI site in Reifnitz. There should be some bang here today. V W went under the GTI hairdressers himself, and we're not talking about some special model that has been run up like the GTD pumped to 170 hp. Well, the GTI Performance with 230 PS and electronic lock, we still allow it to apply. Head of Development Hackenberg promises: It drives around the curve as if on rails.

'Leaving the everyday behind us'

But that is not what we are talking about here. Not even via the admittedly cool Amarok 22-inch wheels that VW converted into a racing transporter. A kart on your back, two pull-out drawers with spare parts and tools on the loading area, that's something. But back to the topic: The GTI fans are waiting for the Christkind. As golf designer Philip Röhmers put it so beautifully: 'We have left the everyday usable behind.'

But the big GTI show doesn't start until one. So let's see what the others have. As usual, Audi has taken over the largest exhibition area in a quiet Reifnitz corner. An Audi Quattro S1, the most legendary of all rally monsters with 600 hp, lurks as a guard at the entrance, which is no wider than the gorge to the legendary rock city of Petra. Opposite is a beefy A1 in stealth bomber gray, which gives an impression of what a rally Audi might look like these days.

Inside is everything from the sleek RS6 in silver with black rims to the 24-hour winning car R8 Ultra. In the middle is a TT body shell with carbon fiber doors that are intended to remind visitors of the brand's lightweight construction credo. The Ducati devices next to the bar are very light compared to the cars. There they built a 150-horsepower driving fun device for 21,300 euros in the paintwork of the Quattro S1 with a Mulitstrada Pikes Peak, with which Walter Röhrl set the record in 1987 Berg in Colorado pulverized.

'Wörthersee - Home of Quattro'

Further back there is even a driving practice areaClimbing ramp and steep curve. 'Wörthersee - Home of Quattro' is the new watchword. And we always thought that it was ski jumps or rally tests. The main attraction at the Audi stand is the TT Ultra Quattro Concept. A white coupé with black hoods and doors to show that you haven't skimped on carbon. There was no skimpy on this either: bucket seats, roll cages and, for aerodynamic reasons, dainty rear-view cameras instead of bulky mirrors. The Über-TT with 310 hp is good for a peak of 280. With only 1,111 kilos, it pulls itself from zero to 100 in 4.2 seconds.

How is the little daughter Seat supposed to stink against this clenched appearance on a cul-de-sac? The Spaniards try a wild version of the Leon. The Cup Racer with big cheeks and 330 hp makes an impression undoubtedly and hides a little that Seat is refined with regard to other entertainment programs. One uses the proximity to the rubber place. There is always something going on anyway. In addition, the need to save in the entertainment program only applies on land. As always, the Spaniards have hijacked a viewing steamer and converted it into a party boat that is constantly bombing the surrounding villages with bass broadsides.

Skoda has free ice cream

The Czech sister traditionally lives next to Seat. Skoda makes a children's paradise. A bouncy castle for adults replaces the mud throwing machine and the bobby car jump from the previous year. One of them is already sitting on the giant pillow, another one jumps down from the tower and catapults the delinquent high into the air. So much fun heats up a lot, Skoda gives away ice cream. The waiting times are announced on this warm, sunny midday with the megaphone. Automobile Skoda shows off the rally series winner Fabia S2000, but with a striking yet chic Rapid in gray and red, the Czechs have put an eye-catcher on the 19-inch wheels with little effort.

Then finally approaches the big hand of the twelve and the small one is on one. Development chief Ulrich Hackenberg takes the stage and prays down the victories of the still young Polo WRC, which is very popular with GTI fans with its wide track, 18-inch wheels, carbon wings, all-wheel drive, turbo and war paint. But that's still not what the horde is waiting for.

Golf derivative with 503 hp V6

The crowd is still applauding the trainees' project, a Golf Cabrio with 333 hp in the colors of Austria. Then finally the time has come. The black gate on the stage wall opens, smoke rises and a white projectile rolls into the sun. It is remotely reminiscent of the Golf, but appears much flatter and wider. The impression is not mislead: with a C-pillar attached to the outside, the design study conceals a track that is seven centimeters wider.

Working in front under the hoodSix-cylinder with 503 hp. In less than three seconds the thing shoots from zero to 100, only beyond 300 does it stop accelerating. Well, dear GTI friends. That's how high the bar is, now it's your turn. As Hackenberg said: 'The GTI has to cut a good figure on the road, but this is of course racing.'


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