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Gregis Miranda Roadster: Modern classic with over 500 hp

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Gregis Miranda Roadster
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G ianluca Gregis is an Italian, a busy businessman and a car fanatic. In 2012 Gregis revived the Italian sports car manufacturer ATS and launched the ATS Leggera under this label. Gregis is now launching another brand under his own name and plans to bring a classic roadster to the streets with the Gregis Miranda.

Miranda Roadster with at least 500 hp

A first Prototype of the Miranda is already being built. Visually, the Gregis Miranda, with its curved lines and powerful radiator grille, is based on models such as the Lancia Aurelia. 20 inch wire spoke rims are a clear concession to modern times. The space frame of the Gregis Miranda should be equipped with powerful motors. Gregis plans with V8 and V12 units and at least 500 hp. This means that the two-seater, which is just under 4.30 meters long and weighs 1,100 kg, should accelerate from zero to 100 km /h in around 3.5 seconds.

When the Miranda starts up at the end of 2015, it should cost the equivalent of around 130,000 Euros go to customers in the USA, Great Britain and Japan.

It is uncertain whether the Miranda will even start, because Gregis is currently in a legal dispute with ATS over the rights to the roadster. ATS claims the roadster for itself. A prototype of the two-seater was presented at ATS in 2011 under the name Maritan B62.


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