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Grand Prix Monaco Historique: Historic Grand Prix vs. formula 1

Dino Eisele
Grand Prix Monaco Historique
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S sponsor Credit Suisse let the racing drivers Emanuele Pirro, Jochen Mass , Alain de Cadenet and Duncan Dayton, the ten-time winner of the Monaco Historique Grand Prix, discuss: 'Is historic motorsport more exciting than current Formula 1?' Moderated by Simon Taylor, the enthusiastic debaters provided the perfect introduction to the historic racing weekend.

Technology more important than driving skills?

'What bothers me about modern Formula 1 is that I have the influence can no longer see the driver, 'remarks Alain de Cadenet, who entered a Formula 1 car in Grand Prix races as a privateer in the 1970s and also started the first historic race in Monaco in 1976. 'Ultimately, a real racing driver doesn't care which car he races with.'

Emanuele Pirro, multiple Le Mans winner and a passionate fan of historic racing cars, emphasizes: 'I think our sport is the only one which can also be operated historically '. That is a great privilege. 'With today's racing cars that will not be possible in 50 years', says the Italian and explains: 'The technology is too far developed today.'

Ex-Formula 1 driver Jochen Mass explains: 'Historic racing cars only demand a lot from drivers over long distances, modern ones, on the other hand, are generally more strenuous to drive.'

The American Duncan Dayton gained his first experience in historic motorsport before he also started with the current Le Mans prototype race. The architect worries about the technology of the historic cars, which in some cases will be further developed. 'I am in favor of preserving the original technology of cars.'


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