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Gotthard speedster has to go to jail in Germany?

Gotthard speeder
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D he driver from Ditzingen near Stuttgart was sentenced in February 2017 in Switzerland by a court in Lugano in absentia to a 30-month prison term Months of it on probation. According to the dpa news agency, the Swiss Ministry of Justice has now made an application for deputy execution of sentences. The final judgment and other documents are currently being translated from Italian.

In July 2014, the 42-year-old drove a German sports car (BMW Z4 with 482 hp) on the motorway towards Ticino. He had clearly exceeded the speed limit of 120 km /h with 200 km /h and, according to the police, put other road users in danger through constant and risky overtaking maneuvers in the Gotthard road tunnel, sometimes on the hard shoulder. Later he drove on the A2 motorway at 270 km /h. Only in Ticino, according to the dpa, was a police cordon able to stop the speedster, arrest it and confiscate the car.

The driver told the Swiss newspaper “Blick” that he had “had fun with the joyride” and that He is not interested in the verdict.

A prison sentence in Germany also depends on whether the same offense is punished in this country with a prison street. One thing is certain, there is a driving ban for Christian R. in Switzerland, and an entry ban is being examined.


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