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Google Car: Autonomous cars cause accidents

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11 accidents in almost 1 million test miles

D his number was published by the internet giant after there were reports of a total of 3 accidents in California since September 2015, in which self-driving cars were involved.

The director who is involved in the self-driving car project is entrusted, announced that the 11 accidents were minor incidents in which there was only minor property damage and no injuries. In the past 6 years, Google has covered 1.7 million miles with its prototypes, of which almost 1 million miles (approx. 1.6 million kilometers) in autonomous mode.

Criticism of Google's lack of transparency

According to Google, the self-driving car was not to blame for the accidents in any case. However, Google has not yet published any accident reports - critics of the project warn against this lack of transparency and poor public monitoring.

According to the report by the Chicago Tribune, 5 companies in the USA are currently allowed to test autonomous vehicles on public roads . A total of 48 vehicles are registered that have not yet had a single accident.


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