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GMC Denali at the L.A. Autoshow: Premium pickups with up to 420 hp

GMC Denali at the LA auto show
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GMC has been marketing specially refined versions of the company's large SUVs and pickups under the Denali label since 1998 - much to the delight of the finance department from General Motors. With prices that are up to 40 percent above those of regular pickups and SUVs, the Denali division is now making a significant contribution to GMC's profits. 25 percent of GMC trucks are now being delivered as Denali. Named after the highest mountain in North America, the Denali versions are always fitted with lots of chrome and particularly fine leather. The two pickups S ierra and Canyon in this noble version.

GMC Sierra Denali with 6.2 liter V8

At the GMC Sierra Denali, the big thing from Detroit, there is a lot of paddling. It drives up with the 6.2-liter engine, which delivers 420 hp and 623 Newton meters of torque from its eight cylinders. With the electronically generated counter-sound of the Active Noise Cancellation System, it should operate particularly quietly in Denali. As a smaller variant, there is the 5.3-liter V8 to choose from, which is married to the new hydramatic automatic with eight gears. The adaptive Magnetic Ride chassis is also standard.

The GMC Sierra Denali has 22-inch wheels, body-colored bumpers, a stainless steel exhaust system, factory-fitted charger tub protection, exclusive leather and a high-tech multimedia system with internet access. The pedals can be adjusted electrically, the twelve-way adjustable leather seats can be air-conditioned.

GMC Canyon Denali also as diesel

With the Canyon, GMC is celebrating an unexpected success - the previous models were less popular. The Canyon presented in 2014 is a mid-size pickup that is around 20 centimeters longer than a VW Amarok in the standard version with a 3.3 meter wheelbase. The GMC Canyon Denali is also freshened up in the tried and tested way: GMC IntelliLink multimedia system with internet connection, integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, black leather with decorative stitching, heated steering wheel and air-conditioned seats.

The GMC Canyon Denali drives at 20- Inch wheels, has additional chrome trim and is available in six colors. A loading surface coating is also applied to it at the factory.

In addition to the standard V6 with 3.6 liter displacement and 305 hp, GMC will also be the Canyon Denali with the just beforerecently presented diesel engine offer. The engine, trading under the name 2.8L Duramax, is well known: it comes from VM Motori and also powers the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Wrangler. In the GMC Canyon Denali the four-cylinder diesel makes 181 hp, brings it to 500 Newton meters and, according to GMC information, should come to a US standard consumption of 10.2 liters.

The GMC Sierra Denali is scheduled to hit the market in early 2016, the delivery of the GMC Canyon Denali has been announced for autumn 2016 - General Motors is currently also with the particularly careful emission test of diesel models fight.


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