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GM hybrid vehicle: GM builds electric motors

General Motors hybrid vehicle
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I n 2013 General Motors wants to present a new hybrid vehicle, which will have rear-wheel drive.

New hybrid vehicle from GM is coming in 2013

The combination of electric and combustion engine will provide propulsion. The so-called 'two-mode hybrid system', second generation, will be used here. The electric motors should then come from our own production. The aim is to reduce both the cost and the weight of the electric motors.

In August 2009, GM received a subsidy of US $ 105 million from the US Department of Energy, which was in the development of the electric drive should flow. General Motors plans to invest a total of 246 million US dollars in the production of its own electric motors at its US plants in Michigan, Indiana and California. In addition, electric motors will continue to be purchased from suppliers.

This is how the two-mode hybrid works

That 'Two-mode hybrid system' was developed in cooperation with Daimler. Two electric motors act as additional support for the combustion engine. The automatic activation of the electric motors, whose power is transmitted via an additional planetary gear, is intended to reduce consumption. The transmission works in two phases. The first phase is used when starting up and at low speeds. Phase two begins at a higher speed without the driver noticing. The speed of the internal combustion engine does not change.


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