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Giugiaro Proton concept for the Geneva Motor Show 2010: large small car concept

Sebastian Viehmann
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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The Proton concept car, which Italdesign developed for Proton, is said to have created the nucleus of an entire family of models. The EMAS-baptized draft can be seen on the G enfer Autosalon .

Hybrid drive in the vehicle floor

The 72-year-old Above all, Giorgetto Giuagiaro wanted to create space with the study. The 3.55 meter long, 1.57 meter high and 1.70 meter wide small car should offer as much space inside as a luxury car or SUV. Four fully-fledged seats await behind the five doors. Italdesign achieves the space gain through more height. So the passengers should be able to easily slide onto the higher seats. In addition, the sliding seats offer numerous variability options. Thanks to the drive concept, the passengers sit very far in front, the two doors reach far back. With this, Giugiaro wants to enable problem-free boarding.

The Giugiaro concept saves additional installation space with a double vehicle floor, which can accommodate the projected electric motor including battery and a combustion engine as a range extender in the front of the vehicle. The 1.2-liter three-cylinder has an output of 61 hp and can run on petrol, ethanol or methanol. The 100 km /h mark is to be cracked in 14 seconds, the maximum speed is specified as 170 km /h. The range in purely electric operation is 50 kilometers. The technology was developed at the Proton subsidiary Lotus in England.

In contrast to the standard version, the off-road version of the Giugiaro study even offers space for five passengers. Each seat can be electrically adjusted in height and incline and moved back and forth. The seats are mounted as high as in an SUV. According to Giugiaro, the chances of series production at Proton are quite good.


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