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Girls at the GTI meeting at the Wörthersee: concentrated female power at the preliminary meeting

Markus Stier
Girls at the GTI meeting at Wörthersee
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U nasty. Men have long since got used to the sight of women at the wheel at the GTI meeting, but recently the girls have been able to afford their own opinions in addition to their own Golf. 'Well, I don't need a TT, I would rather have an A5, preferably in black or white,' says Corinna and, in the absence of the desired game, shoots a passing Golf 6 instead. headline v-A_-headline__article - beta '>' I like the hissing of the drain valves ', she says

She is lying in wait with friend Alex on the road between Hafner See and Wörthersee Velden wants to go to Reifnitz, he has to come through this hollow lane. Alex is an office clerk, and if she had untold money, an Audi R8 would come into the house. But she would also find something a few leagues below, mainly Turbo. 'I like the hiss the blow-off valves, ”she says. The classics are not their thing, it should be something more modern. 'Golf five.' the other golfen howl. 'This is my first time, and so far it's good for me,' Corinna swears. Admittedly, she has let herself be carried away by her lover: 'I find it fascinating when someone has such a passion. Mine is not a mechanic, but has done a lot of things on his Golf himself. And I have to say, you learn something. 'The kindergarten teacher from Upper Austria has long since become a specialist, she can easily distinguish the two-end GTI from the Golf 6 R with central tailpipes.

She has her new hobby as a spoiler spotter, not chosen herself, but she feels comfortable with it. 'That is also part of a relationship that you deal with what your friend is doing,' she says. It is an increasingly common phenomenon: the GTI too -Wilden are feeling the demographic change. The young people only come to Reifnitz to party in mid-May. The seasoned home tuner has long since become a philistine with completed vocational training, mortgage and a stable relationship.

GTI meeting as a family outing

Parking lot steward Walter knows: 'In the weeks before the official GTI meeting, the couples and families come. Rompers with cool sayings were one of the best sellers last yearthe accessory stands in Reifnitz. Strollers and baby buggies are just as much a part of the street scene these days as Scirocco's and police tourers.

It can only happen that dad suddenly has to wait at the pitwalk because mom first has this A5 in rubber ducky yellow must see. Sarah discusses with a friend whether the black 20-inch shoes are suitable shoes for this flashy summer dress. She came from the Swiss border near Basel for a week. Son Joel sleeps happily. He is eight weeks old. Why does a woman with a newborn go to the GTI pre-meeting of all places? 'We heard that there are better cars here,' she says dryly. But what about the little one? 'He had to go.'

In the GTI community, there is no masculinity compulsion as in the business world. The women lift the half-liter rifle with casual aplomb and often have to go to the petrol station shop because the butts have run out again, but they give the event a very feminine touch.

It starts with the Campsites are almost GTI-free. You don't wallow in the plastic sheeting, but live in a dignified hotel or guesthouse with a clean bed and the necessary sanitary facilities. In the evenings, a fire is not made on the ten-euro grill from the gas station in the manner of the Stone Age, and raw meat is ritually transformed into pure carbon. Instead, you sit with pasta and pizza. In addition to thousands of photos of deeper and wider GTIs, the camera chip also has to have space for the sunset, the castle hotel in the sunset, the tank top of your best friend and the food on the table.

Better to sit on the side of the road and hang around a quartzen than at home

While a Bundestag led by the first female chancellor in German history has won a quota for women after the toughest struggle, the GTI women have long since created facts. The pack watching at the roundabout next to the legendary Mischkulnig gas station is increasingly frequented by women, as is the case with the public viewing at the World Cup. As is so often the case, the women are more patient and disciplined. 'Except for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we sit here all day,' says a young Austrian.

It is a clear win-win situation. In addition to pure golfer watching, roadside bulling offers many advantages. You can chat in peace, you can finally chat in great detail and you also have time to do important correspondence on your smartphone with less privileged friends who had to stay at home. If you are not single, you can make sure that your friend doesn't do anything stupid other than screeching tires and talking about gasoline. The smartphone becomes a baby monitor.

There is also time to dream. A young Alpine Republican is ashamed of her completely untuned Ibiza station wagon and would haveI'd like a pneumatically lowerable landing gear and a pair of dashing taillights, 'but you would need a Göld', she complains. The friend next to her has it better. She already owns a Corrado VR6 and wants to come to the meeting for any cosmetic measures get inspired.


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