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Giga-Liner test: large-scale trial starts in 2011

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' At the beginning of next year we will allow long trucks to be used on various routes in a field test, 'said the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) of the 'Berliner Zeitung'.

Large-scale test with reduced weight

With a total weight of 60 tons and a length of 25 meters, the giant trucks are seven meters longer and 20 tons heavier than previously registered trucks. The maximum weight in the planned field test remains 'limited to 40 to 44 tons,' said Scheuer. Basically 'point-to-point traffic' is planned on motorways. 'I could imagine connections from the Port of Hamburg to Wolfsburg or from Leipzig to Nuremberg,' said Scheuer.

As early as 2007, concerns about road safety and road damage prompted the transport ministers to build gigaliners with a maximum weight of 60 tons. The black and yellow federal government also expressly rejected this variant of the giant truck in its coalition agreement. However, at the beginning of 2010 the Ministry of Transport announced a nationwide field test with the 40-44-tonne variant.

The project is controversial. The critics say, among other things, that the new trucks would increase the load on roads and bridges and put safety at risk. So far, trucks can be a maximum of 18.75 meters long and 40 tons. According to the results of a survey by the Auto Club Europa (ACE) of 1,536 respondents, the majority of German citizens are against the introduction of the so-called gigaliners or monster trucks. Accordingly, 86 percent reject the trial phase decided by the black-yellow coalition. Only 13 percent were in favor of a test run of the trucks, which are up to 25 meters long. Opponents fear a higher risk of accidents and traffic congestion. In addition, due to their dimensions, the gigaliners could not use roundabouts and narrow streets in towns. Proponents hope that the increased transport capacity of the giant trucks will make traffic more efficient.

All of these concerns, said Scheuer, will be taken into account in the field test. There are special safety training courses for all drivers.


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