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Giant trucks: resistance to gigaliner test drives

Giant truck
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The Difu report was drawn up on behalf of the German Association of Cities, the Pro-Rail Alliance and the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). In order to protect other road users from the dangers of excessively long vehicles, the vehicle length is limited by law to 18.75 meters. 'The Ministry of Transport cannot override this protection goal with a simple exception regulation,' explained Difu manager Klaus J. Beckmann.

The federal government should cancel test drives

In their coalition agreement, Union and FDP agreed on a Germany-wide field test with so-called gigaliners, which is expected to start in the coming year. The SPD and the Greens asked Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) to bury these plans in view of the new report. With the euphoria for gigaliners, the federal government is racing 'into a traffic and environmental impasse,' said the transport policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Uwe Beckmeyer.

Winfried Hermann and Anton Hofreiter from the Greens criticized: 'Such over-long trucks endanger traffic safety and put a strain on the traffic infrastructure, especially bridges. ' They also threatened to file a lawsuit if the Federal Council was not involved in the decision on the field trial. According to the Pro Schiene Alliance, eight out of 16 federal states have already spoken out against test drives by gigaliners.

Federal government is sticking to gigaliners

Despite ongoing criticism, the controversial giant trucks are to be used in the coming year Rolling on Germany's autobahns on a trial basis. The Federal Ministry of Transport defended the plans for a nationwide field test with the so-called gigaliners in Berlin on Wednesday. A federal-state working group is currently preparing a corresponding exception ordinance, said State Secretary for Transport Andreas Scheuer.

In the view of the federal government, however, this report is based on false assumptions. 'Such an exception regulation does not require the approval of the Bundestag or the Bundesrat,' assured the Ministry of Transport.


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