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Germany's largest charging station: 144 charging points for e-cars

Electromobility campus on the A8
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A Alternative drives require a rethink, also and above all when replenishing fuel. The refueling process in natural gas and fuel cell vehicles is not that different from gasoline and diesel vehicles. This is different with battery-powered electric cars. Even on the fast charger, drivers and passengers spend more time than at the classic petrol station.

Here, the operators of charging stations are asked to make this stay as entertaining and interesting as possible, especially as new sales potential beckon. The classic gas station shop with a biscuit and confectionery shelf, magazines and a coffee machine is no longer sufficient.

24 Supra fast chargers with 350 kW

At the largest fast charging location in Germany, the Sortimo company Wants to open at the end of 2019 on the A8 in Zusmarshausen (Bavaria), everything is offered For example, there would be more charging points. 144 electric cars are to be given access to electricity at the same time. 24 Supra fast chargers with an output of 350 kW can theoretically fully charge a vehicle's batteries in ten minutes. In practice, there is still a lack of electric cars that can take up this charging power.

Another 120 fast chargers produce 50 kW, with which the charging stop takes about an hour. During this time, business travelers can use the meeting rooms for video conferences or face-to-face meetings at the charging station. It is conceivable that I would arrange a presentation for freelancers with their customers at the station while both of them use the time to charge their electric cars.

In addition, customers should be able to put together purchases for their daily needs in an app. The products bought and also paid for via the app are supplied by retailers in the region and brought to the car in a box for the electric driver during the charging process. There should also be a conventional shop and restaurant on site, including an extra-fast menu service for the users of the Supra charger.

Park + Ride for electric cars

Not just as a charging point the station can be used, but also as a park + ride area. Electric car owners can specify a scheduled pick-up time when parking their vehicle. The station's time management then ensures that the car has fully charged batteries when the owner returns. This should also include energy peaks, for example in strong winds andcorresponding feed of electricity into the grid by wind turbines.

When all charging points in Zusmarshausen are connected to the grid, you want to be able to supply 4,000 electric cars a day with up to 240,000 kWh of electricity.

The charging station, which is also subsidized with public funds, is being built by the local company Sortimo. Its core business is the interior fittings of vans and commercial vehicles for craftsmen with special storage systems. With a cargo pedelec you also have an electrified vehicle on offer. Its 500 Wh battery can still be charged from a conventional household socket.


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