Geneva Motor Show 2016 exotic tour

Jochen Knecht
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W as the motor show lacks space, it makes diversity easy bet. Where in Frankfurt, Paris or Los Angeles the automobile fringes have to make do with shady spots in the middle of nowhere, Geneva is teeming with exotic species. They are traditionally gathered in the heart of the exhibition halls. It's always light there. Not always full. But always very funny.

Lazareth, Bee Gee, Kyburz - the names already sound

It's totally It doesn't matter how often you've been to Geneva as a car writer, the interior of the exhibition halls is a unique surprise bag every year. Large signs below the hall ceiling refer to the manufacturers who did not get any of the coveted seats on the sides or who simply cannot afford the premium placement. Big signposts or not, but the brands that don't hang from the ceiling are really interesting.

Small brands, ambitious projects, highly specialized micro-companies and, time and again, enthusiastic weirdos based on an incomprehensible system equip every little bit of exhibition space with a booth. Many of them are free riders and help as sub-tenants for established but chronically clumsy exhibitors to bear the horrendous exhibition costs. Not exactly what the organizers wanted, but now more than a cherished tradition.

The salt in the soup at the Geneva Motor Show 2016

We took a look around the spaces between the automobiles and found everything from V8 motorbikes with Maserati engines to souped-up super-luxury vans to cuddly-cute e-mobiles that make automobiles so lovable. You can find all exotic species in the picture gallery above.


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