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Geneva Motor Show 2010: Studies and Concept Cars

Sebastian Viehmann
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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Sure, we live in the here and now and want to see what's coming up from the dealer around the corner soon. But the future visions in the form of concept cars and studies give us a glimpse of the coming decades. In addition, their design is spectacular and the ideas behind it are mostly visionary.

Geneva Motor Show 2010: Honda tricycle 3R-C takes getting used to

For example the Honda 3R-C, on the Geneva Motor Show 2010 will be on display. We still have to get used to the sight of the tricycle, because it looks like an insect and can only accommodate one person. In return, Honda underlines the environmental concept with the conception as Electric vehicle for the city.

Edag Light Car Open Source . Including a battery pack with a range of 150 kilometers, it should not weigh more than 1,200 kilograms. The French company Heuliez has also recognized the electric trend and is producing the Microbus before. It is 2.91 meters long, has three seats and is available with batteries in three power levels. The Giugiaro Proton Study , which nevertheless only has the dimensions of a small car.

The electric car is standard in the studies at the Geneva Motor Show 2010

The IED Tesla Eye Concept also wants to use its electric driveBe environmentally friendly, but also value a sporty look. It was designed in collaboration with students from the Italian design school IED. The Opel Flextreme GT /E Concept . A 120 kW and 370 Nm electric motor works on the front axle, which should accelerate the four-seater coupé from zero to 100 km /h in just under nine seconds. With the IBE wants to give Seat an outlook on a purely electrically powered vehicle for city traffic that should also appeal to sporty drivers.

Four studies come from France, two of them by Peugeot , two from Citroën. The Citroen Survolt , a strikingly aggressive and sporty electric car. The Citroen DS High Rider is a compact study with a diesel hybrid drive and is supposed to combine the sporty driving feeling of a coupé with the practical properties of a Connect compact vehicles.

The Peugeot SR1 wears a carbon fiber cover and is equipped with a hybrid drive. The Peugeot 5 is to be the new top model from Peugeot and has a diesel and an electric motor. Also at the top of the model range will in future be the Hyundai i-Flow, which is designed as a luxury sedan. The research vehicle is certainly also in the premium segment Mercedes F800 , which mainly attracts attention with its aggressive design.

Two studies for the 100th birthday of Alfa Romeo

In terms of Alfa Romeo two concepts will be on display at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. On the one hand, Pininfarina designed the Roadster for Alfa Romeo's 80th birthday and 100th anniversary ' 2uettottanta ' and on the otherBertone controls the futuristically styled 2 + 2 seater Pandion at.

Of course, the Swiss company Rinspeed, which is always good for a surprise, cannot be missing. At the Autoslaon Geneva 2010, Frank Rinderknecht has the cute electric mini named with him. Just as mini is the Cygnet from Aston Martin, with which the luxury brand wants to break new ground. The city car is based on the Toyota iQ and, when viewed from the front, is reminiscent of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

Porsche delivers with the study 918 Spyder also an electric vehicle, but this is clearly located in the luxury segment, as the sports car should possibly become a worthy Carrera GT successor. The Porsche 918 Spyder is powered by a V8 engine with over 500 hp and three electric motors with a total of 160 kW. Also sporty is the Lotus Evora Carbon Concept to. The British are showing a lightweight version of the Evora in Geneva. The roof, diffuser, front splitter and parts of the interior are made of carbon. At Ferrari things are of course also sporty, but the brand is presenting an eco-racer in Geneva. The experimental car H Y-KERS , which builds on an electric motor in addition to the combustion engine.


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