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Genesis Essentia Concept (2018): Sports car with electric drive

Genesis Essentia Concept (2018)
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D he Genesis brand will in future claim part of the cake of the luxury segment. All niches required for this are occupied accordingly. The Genesis Essentia Concept study, which is celebrating its world premiere at the New York Auto Show, is now showing what could come.

The Essentia Concept is an elongated Gran Turismo with two gullwing doors and a purely electric drive. The backbone of the Essentia is a monocoque made of carbon fiber laminate. A long front hood, which is traversed by powerful air ducts, stretches over it. The largely glazed cabin is connected to the rear, the arch of the roof ends in the high rear. Further large air ducts open up in front of and behind the front wheel arches. Numerous transparent surfaces in the carbon body make the underlying technology visible.

Interior in sports boat design

In the interior, the designers focus on purism, classic material and muted colors. The interior, which is extensively covered in cognac-colored leather, is joined by blue leather on the center console, the dashboard and the steering wheel. In general, thanks to the round footwell surround, the cockpit is more reminiscent of a sports boat than a car. Instead of classic instruments, there is a large display that extends across the entire width of the dashboard, while a type of tablet is placed behind the steering wheel to display driving data such as speed or range.

The batteries for the electric drive are in a center tunnel placed in the vehicle and should thus achieve a particularly low center of gravity. At the presentation, the Genesis representative only spoke of 'several' electric motors for the drive, which suggests all-wheel drive. However, no further data on the planned performance, range and storage capacity was provided, only the zero hundred value was mentioned: three seconds.


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