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General inspection and driver's license are becoming more expensive

Fees will be increased
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D ie Ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Transport stipulates that the costs for the theoretical driving test will increase from 9.30 to 10 euros. In addition, there is a fee for the now common computer exam, which is to be increased from 8.20 to 8.90 euros.

General examination will be more expensive

The fees for the practical exams should be for cars increase from 71.40 to 77.10 euros, for motorcycles from 94.80 to 102 euros. The general inspection, which is usually due every two years, is also expected to become more expensive. Here, the draft provides for a price range from 29.40 to 46.10 euros for cars, depending on the federal state. So far, this range has been between 27.80 and 43.50 euros. For motorcycles, the fee range is between 22.70 and 34.20 euros. In addition to all prices mentioned, 19% VAT is added.

The fee increases are due to an application from the Technical Inspection Services TÜV and Dekra, which refer to increased personnel and material costs. The Federal Ministry of Transport is obliged to check this application, since fees must be designed to cover costs. The application was checked by TÜV and Dekra by the Federal Highway Research Institute and an external expert.


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