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Geiger Cars Cadillac CTS-V 'Compressor 753'

Geiger Cars
Geiger Cars Cadillac CTS-V 'Compressor 753'
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E in BMW M3 with up to to 450 PS or a Mercedes-AMG C63S with up to 510 PS are properly motorized. The Cadillac CT-S V with its factory-set 649 HP and 855 Nm torque offers real steam in this class. The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 has even more potential, which tuner Geiger Cars from Munich has now explored.

753 hp for the supercharged V8

Geiger Cars
A larger compressor, together with new engine control software, provides the power surcharge.

By modifying the compressor charging of the eight-cylinder, the heart of which is now an in-house 2.9-liter screw compressor, as well as a subsequent software optimization, the technicians elicit 753 hp from the CTS-V engine at a speed of 6,350 rpm . The maximum torque of 887 Nm is already available at 4,400 rpm. The drive torque is passed on to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic. When equipped in this way, the Cadillac CTS-V, now known as the “Supercharger 753”, catapults itself to 100 km /h in just 3.5 seconds. The top speed is a whopping 338 km /h. But the animal also wants to be fed accordingly. Geiger Cars already gives the standard average consumption of 13.0 liters. In the free run, however, there should be even more liters.

The tires were also refilled. The standard rims were equipped with Michelin Sport Cup sport tires with standard dimensions of 265 /35ZR19 at the front and 295 /30ZR19 on the drive axle.

The look of the sturdy American is enhanced with further black details that enhance the Black Edition outfit of the Complete the basic model. blackAmong other things, the handle bar at the rear, the rims, the side ventilation gills, parts of the exterior mirrors, the radiator grille, the bonnet grille and the backgrounds of the lighting units and the window frames are presented. The spoiler attachments at the front and rear are made of carbon fiber.

The Cadillac CTS-V Black Edition series vehicle is available from Geiger Cars in Munich at a base price of 97,900 euros. The conversions cost € 14,900 for the compressor kit including software optimization, € 1,870 for the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tire set and € 1,900 for the styling kit.


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