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Geely will build Renault hybrid cars in China

Renault and Geely want to jointly manufacture and sell hybrids in China. In addition, Lynk & Co is to expand to South Korea.

After separating from the previous joint venture partner in China, the state-owned car manufacturer Dongfeng, in 2020, Renault in the Middle Kingdom fraternized again. The French group has signed a letter of intent to work together with Geely. The "Renaulution Plan" proclaimed by CEO Luca de Meo should also be implemented quickly in Asia.

Lynk & Co. is expanding into South Korea

According to a company announcement, hybrid vehicles based on Geely technologies are to be built in China, which will be sold there under the Renault brand. In addition, the strong market position of Renault Samsung Motors in South Korea should help to introduce hybrid vehicles from the Geely brand Lynk & Co. there.

Renault and Geely have not yet announced a schedule. The Renault Group is currently still purchasing the Dacia Spring Electric electric car from the Dongfeng Motor Company. The small crossover model will be built in the city of Wuhan, also for export to Europe.


Geely is not only a shareholder of Daimler and owner of the brands Volvo and Polestar. With Renault, the Chinese have another European partner. Hybrid Renaults are to be manufactured in and for China based on Geely architectures. In return, Renault is helping Lyn & Co. expand into South Korea.


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