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Garbage in the car: English police collect the driver's license

Garbage in the car, driver's license gone
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D he most drivers have seen a returnable bottle under the seat or a piece of candy on the doormat of their beloved vehicle. Parents of at least one child are also familiar with the Sisyphus task of keeping things clean. But all of this is nothing compared to what the officers of the Thames Valley Roads police in Marlow, England saw when they opened the driver's door of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of the type W906.

Next to a huge pile of rubbish in the driver's cab it must have smelled unspeakably in the craftsman's car. From countless fast-food packaging, beverage cups and cans to receipts and cigarette butts, there was even a thick branch in the heap of garbage. The dangerous thing about it: There was even some kind of rubbish below the pedals. Emergency braking would have failed because of a Coke can or burger packaging.

The driver of this trashed car could not have imagined that either: a Twitter entry with the police in Marlow.

The result of the work of the garbage cops: The collection of the driver's license and a 'nice' publication on Twitter, combined with the nice sentence: 'A tidy one Cockpit=a tidy mind! ”The fact that the driver of the garbage truck is also arrested was, however, should not be related to the garbage. A reason has not yet been communicated.


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