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GAC Motor changes name: Trumpchi gives way to Trump

Marcel Sommer
GAC Motor changes names
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N Also in January 2017 GAC Motor had Motor at Detroit Show with the GS 7 showed the SUV with which the Chinese want to enter the US market in 2019. The Chinese had chosen Trumpchi as the brand name. This is derived from the Chinese term for 'legendary' and was translated into 'Trump' according to timbre. So that the Chinese roots remain visible, a 'chi' was added to it - that is, Trumpchi.

However, according to their own statements, the Chinese were not aware that Donald Trump could actually become US President than they did approved new brand names. Trump is now US President and GAC Motor sees the Trumpchi brand name in a whole new light, as Trump is not only sympathetic in his own country. At the Detroit trade fair, too, many visitors made fun of the name.

Now the name is to be changed before the market launch.


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