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G-Power-Tuning for the Mercedes-AMG S 63

G-Power tunes the Mercedes-AMG S 63 to 705 hp
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H ore of the tuning at G-Power is the power module called 'Bi-Tronik 5 V1'. This increases the output of the 5.5 liter V8 biturbo from 585 to 705 hp at 5,000 rpm.

G-Power-Mercedes-AMG S 63 with 705 PS and 1,000 Nm

Tight 1,000 instead of 900 Nm are available from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm. This improves the acceleration time at country road speed to 3.8 seconds in the ' 4matic 'version (series: 4.0 seconds). The special feature of the increase in performance: It is not always present.

How can you imagine that? The 120 extra horsepower is only released when the driver fully depresses the accelerator. The M157 unit only provides the additional power when the engine and its lubricant have been brought to operating temperature.

The performance kit, which costs almost 6,900 euros (gross), also includes a suspension of the top speed. Instead of the standard 250 km /h, which a Ford Focus ST already achieves today, it goes forward until the speedometer needle shows 330 km /h.

New 21-inch rims for the AMG S-Class

G-Power also offers a set of fairly large aluminum rims for the S-Class. The 'Hurricane RR' christened 21-inch wheels with 265 tires at the front and 295 rollers at the rear are available in silver and black. The wheel set costs more than the increase in performance, perhaps because it can always be seen: 9,100 euros are due for it. Taxes are already included in this price.


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