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G-Power BMW X5 M and X6 M: Double Typhoon

G-Power BMW X5 M and X6 M
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For the market launch of the two power models B MW X5 M and BMW X6 M has Tuner G-Power has completed its tuning program for the two Bavarian buffalo.

600 PS for over 300 km /h top

555 PS are both delivered ex works their 4.8 liter turbo engines. There is more, says G-Power and modified the programming of the engine control. And if you are already manipulating the bits and bytes, the factory-set Vmax limitation does not apply. So if you invest around 5,600 euros, you can look forward to 600 hp and a top speed of over 300 km /h. In addition, the spurt time of the two models drops to 4.5 seconds.

Wide body kit made of full carbon

So that both X models can already sense their potential when stationary G-Power has adapted the existing Typhoon wide body kit to the M models. The complete package costs around 8,300 euros. A full carbon apron with powerful air inlets ensures a more aggressive front. This is followed by a heavily perforated bonnet, which is optionally made of carbon or kevlar. Carbon fiber also sport the new side sill approaches. At the rear, a full carbon apron with an integrated diffuser transforms the X models. The X5 also gets one, the X6 donated two spoilers. Matched to the new rear apron, a stainless steel rear silencer with four tailpipes provides the right sound for the price of 3,600 euros.

The new look is rounded off by 11x23 and 12x23 inch light alloy wheels that are fitted with 315/25 tires. The complete wheel set costs from 10,500 euros. Shorter springs lower the X models by 30 millimeters.

Carbon applications and a sports steering wheel have found their way into the interior. However, G-Power takes further customer requests into account at any time.


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