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Future models photographed during the test drives: The sporty Erlkönige in December 2009

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Future models photographed during the test drives
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I n December the weather conditions on race tracks are for Unsuitable test drives. That's why our Erlkönig photographers had to find the camouflaged prototypes on public roads. Supercars are not on the road in these conditions. To this end, we have put a few models on the web, of which sporty versions are also coming onto the market.

New 2011 Porsche 911 model

Furthermore, Porsche is diligently developing the Cayenne, which will be replaced in mid-2010. Contrary to the trend, the successor will not grow but shrink. The overhangs will be tighter, the overall impression will be less bulky, and the sportiness will be all the greater. In addition, a new roof line will make the Porsche Cayenne less height, which will lower the center of gravity. A new steering wheel with integrated shift paddles is used in the interior. The instruments are also redrawn and the applications and other surfaces revised. The well-known units are being optimized under the bonnet. In addition, a diesel will be available in the new Cayenne right from the start. A hybrid model is to follow.

Mercedes SLS design for SL and SLK

Mercedes will be a new SL generation in 2012 on the market, the design of which is based on the SLS gullwing. The first prototypes are already heavily camouflaged and show that the front of the Mercedes SL meets the requirements of pedestrian protection and is significantly steeper in the wind. Nevertheless, the SL remains a sports car that is characterized by short overhangs and a long front section, although the track width is slightly larger and the new one strives a little closer to the asphalt.

Before the big oneRoadster Mercedes will replace the SLK, its little brother. The new Mercedes SLK will hit the market as early as 2011. Its front has a nose owed to the increased pedestrian protection and is based on the design of the Mercedes SL. The Swabians hold on to the foldable hardtop. The LED daytime running light strips placed in the front apron are clearly visible. The positioning of the rear-view mirrors, which now move from the window triangle onto the door flanks, is also new.

For the first time, a diesel engine is also found under the sheet metal in the Mercedes SLK. The SLK 250 CDI is the 2.1-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder with currently 204 hp and 500 Nm. However, the SLK with the diesel engine will not come onto the market until 2012. The supercharged SLK 200K is being replaced by a direct-injection Mercedes SLK 250 CGI. In addition, Mercedes will also offer the SLK 350 CGI. A Mercedes SLK AMG version will then probably use a biturbo V6.

BMW with new sedans

After BMW did presented the new 5 Series, the BMW 5 Series Touring Erlkönige are slowly losing their camouflage. The sedan will be available from March 2010, the station wagon will follow every six months and will be available in dealerships in September 2010.

The 5-series station wagon is characterized by a roofline that slopes slightly towards the rear. A larger roof spoiler closes off the rear, the distinctive bend below the rear window will no longer exist in the new model. In addition, the rear lights will have a new design, which will in future dominate the rear section of the new Touring much more strongly.

New generation BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series will come onto the market from 2012. The front is even more brawny, the kidney is a little lower, the headlights are modified. The bonnet leans forward with more sweeping motion, reinforced by a clearer arrow on the bonnet. At the rear, the new BMW 3 Series is taking shape. The new 3-series BMW will not gain much in length, but a little in height.


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