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Fuel price: Köhler thinks higher fuel prices make sense

Fuel price - controlling environmental awareness with fuel
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' The nation that moves the fastest adapting the most intelligently to this situation will create jobs and wealth. ' Even at the risk of messing with many, Köhler emphasized: 'For example, we should think about whether the price of gasoline should not tend to be higher than the trend is lower.' The ADAC accused Köhler of an 'ideological demonization of individual mobility'.

People would only get theirs from the price Change behavior

The price is still the strongest signal for people to change their behavior, emphasized Köhler. The Germans built the best cars. But he worries that the economy depends so heavily on cars. 'Sixty percent of all innovations revolve around the car, said someone from the industry proudly. That makes me rather nervous.' This is a case like the financial crisis.

According to ADAC President Peter Meyer, Köhler's demand for higher fuel prices is anti-social. 'In the ears of millions of commuters who have to travel long distances every day to get to their workplace, such statements sound like mockery,' he said on Sunday in Munich. The tax share on fuel is already over 70 percent. 'Around 50 euros go to the state for every tank filling,' said Meyer. It is unfair to unilaterally impose all efforts to protect the climate and the environment on the driver.

Criticism from the transport minister and the automobile clubs

Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer has also spoken out against higher fuel prices. Regarding the proposal by Federal President Horst Köhler, the CSU politician told the 'Bild' newspaper: 'The green or fuel tax on gasoline prices has not had any steering effect to this day. The risk is as ever.' After the ADAC, the Auto Club Europa (ACE) also criticized Köhler's approach. ACE spokesman Rainer Hillgärtner warned in the newspaper: 'The remark could be misunderstood and serve as a welcome justification for the oil multinationals to continue to pursue inflated prices.' Poison for the economy '. Hickel too'Image': 'Oil is getting more and more expensive anyway - that is why the proposal is poisonous for the economy, weakens the auto industry and is a slap in the face for millions of commuters. Ecological reason cannot be brought about by the price of gasoline.' class='v-A_-headline v-A_-headline__article - beta'> B Minister of Economic Affairs Rainer Brüderle (FDP) does not believe in the proposal of Federal President Horst Koehler, higher Consider gasoline prices to increase environmental awareness. 'The gasoline prices are already very high. Mobility for workers, especially in rural areas, has to remain affordable,' said Brüderle on Monday in Berlin. 'I do not compete with the Federal President, but I have held this position for a long time,' he added.


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