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Frogster & amp; Pluriel: What Opel doesn't dare - and Citroen builds

12/2015 - Opel Frogster, - mokla1215
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E s was the perfect car for the early adopters of the smartphone generation - even before they existed. The smartphone as such was not yet developed, let alone the term known. With the Frogster, however, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) like the Palm Pilot played a crucial role. The roller blind can be moved over the seats via commands from the mobile device - or they can be released.

The roller blind itself poses a major technical challenge because it extends completely over two rows of seats plus the trunk - and in the underbody must disappear.

Incidentally, the name refers to the Opel 4/12 PS, which was popularly referred to as the 'tree frog' because of its green color. And the basis of the Frogster is the Opel Agila - which in turn is a relabeled Suzuki Wagon R +.

12/2015 - Opel Frogster, - mokla1215
The Frogster's passenger area can be closed continuously with a roller blind. The seating is modular and can be removed individually.

The history of the Frogster begins in France in 1990

As modern as Opel looked with the Frogster, it cannot be denied that the idea of ​​the multifunctional car with roller blind was presented in France more than 10 years earlier: by the body builder Heuliez - who, curiously, produced the Opel Tigra TwinTop from 2004 to 2009 , the only vehicle in its history that was not built for a French manufacturer

A recreational vehicle, quite revealing on top - wasn't that something? Yes, exactly, if you take it seriously, Opel was inspiredto let. Namely from a study from 1990, the Citroën Scarabee d'Or, which Heuliez presented at the Geneva Motor Show. And if you want, you can go back 22 years - and end up: yes, again with a Citroën - the Méhari from 1968.

But back to the Scarabee d'Or from 1990, whose name is also a historical one Honor role model. The half-track expedition vehicle with which Georges-Marie Haardt and Louis Audouin Dubreuil made the first crossing of the Sahara in 1922. Therefore the Scarabee d'Or also had all-wheel drive, it was based on the chassis of the Citröen BX 4x4.

12/2015 - Opel Frogster, - mokla1215
Opel already showed the Scamp in 1993 based on the Corsa. Here, too, there are two seats with a large loading area or four seats.

Only Citroën dares to build a Frogster

Citroën refined the concept and presented the C3 Air concept car in 1998 and the Citroën Pluriel Concept a year later - two years before the Opel Frogster.

As is well known, the French are not that driven by controlling , like the German companies in the automotive industry - and so Citroën decided to simply copy Opel's concept and build it in series. They didn't even need 2 years for implementation and market readiness. From 2003 to 2010 the Citroën C3 Pluriel rolled off the assembly line - as '5 cars in one', as Citroën announced in its advertising.

12/2015 - OpelFrogster, - mokla1215
Heuliez was even earlier: In 1990 the French coachbuilder produced the Citroen Scarabee d'Or - on the chassis of the Citroen BX 4x4.

The original C3 Pluriel - buy now!

The C3 Pluriel is a sedan (fully closed), a convertible sedan ( with roof section removed), a full convertible, a Spider (with additional side roof bars removed) and a pick-up. With only 109,682 units sold, the C3 Pluriel is unlikely to become an economic success - it will, however, enrich automotive history.

Anyone interested in a Citroën C3 Pluriel should spend the days between the years for a small one Use research. There is a wide range of products on the major car dealership portals on the Internet. The prices for vehicles ready to drive start at around 1,250 euros. Even first-hand cars that have been checked in a checkbook cost less than 3,000 euros.


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