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Fresh cell treatment: Audi Q5 with H&R coil springs

Fresh Cell Treatment
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G round enough for the H&R engineers to lend a hand once more and the delivery program for the Audi Q5 to be expanded with threaded springs.

While retaining the standard dampers, the threaded springs, also known as 'HVF spring systems', enable the vehicle height to be continuously adjusted after installation according to personal taste or needs Driver. After all, the use of dirt roads is likely to play a subordinate role. On the track, on the other hand, the lowered center of gravity, an impressive 40 to 60mm on the front axle and 45 to 70 millimeters at the rear, provided a completely new driving experience, especially in long, fast corners. The body's tendency to roll is significantly reduced, but the necessary driving comfort is retained. And by the way, this measure underlines the brawny character of the Q5.

Of course, the conventional H&R sport springs with 40 or 60 mm lowering, the classic coilover suspension with special H&R dampers and those made of high-tensile aluminum are still available Trak + wheel spacers, which H&R offers from 20 to 100 millimeters per axle.

All H&R components always have the required parts certificates and are 'Made in Germany'. H&R HVF systems are only available through selected sales partners.

H&R coil springs for Audi Q5
Type 8R /8R1
All models without MRC (Magnetic Ride Control)

Article number: 23001-1
Lowering: VA 40-65mm /HA 45-70mm
Price (RRP): 642.00 Euro incl. 19% VAT.



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