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Freedom from damage: Some people prefer to bear the damage themselves

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N oh a current one Calculation of the comparison portal Aspect Online on behalf of the magazine auto motor und sport, self-regulation is worthwhile especially for frequent drivers, while retirees should call in the insurer for small damages.

Frequent drivers should do the math

In the model calculation for a 44-year-old frequent driver in Stuttgart who drives 25,000 kilometers a year in a VW Golf, It is only worth switching on fully comprehensive insurance if the damage is more than EUR 684. In the case of less damage, it makes more sense to take over the damage yourself, because the higher contributions over the years are more significant. Frequent drivers should bear third-party damage up to 658 euros themselves in order to secure their affordable liability.

For a family that drives 15,000 kilometers a year and has the car insured in damage class 12, it is cheaper to cover all damage up to 451 euros to be borne by yourself. For a young driver with an annual mileage of 10,000 kilometers, the limit is 420 euros. Third-party damage should be borne by the family up to 486 euros in order not to be worse off in terms of liability.

Pensioners get regulated

A pensioner doesn't have to take long think about whether it is worth taking out insurance. A 65-year-old with an annual mileage of 8,000 kilometers and the no-claims class SF25 should only cover damage up to EUR 58.30 - in all other cases, cover under comprehensive insurance is significantly cheaper. In the case of third-party damage, however, it looks different. The pensioner should rather pay for damages up to 358 euros himself.

Christian L├╝bke from the General Association of the German Insurance Industry therefore recommends discussing the various options with the insurance company in the event of an accident: 'Let your insurance company calculate how the premiums would rise if the insurance company pays the damage. '

You can find more information about insurance in our large Guide to car insurance.


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